Fuji-Xerox Australia overhauls device software

A major rewrite of the software management platform for Fuji-Xerox MFDs and Printers  as well as third party devices MFPs and scanners  introduces the new ability to scan directly to a broad range of content management systems such as Google Drive, DocuShare, SharePoint, TRIM and Objective.

The ApeosWare Management Suite 1.0 was previously limited to scanning to email, network drives, Cloud storage such as Google Drive or the Fuji Xerox Working Folder.

The rewritten ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0 is a web-based imaging platform that helps organisations manage costs, secure information and improve customer engagement by managing print and digitising information simply.

Newly added is the ability for customers to seamlessly interact with their documents including view, print and scan documents from mobile devices including Apple iOS and Android.

Rewritten by more than 70 FXA developers across the Asia-Pacific region, including a team from Australia, ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0 also includes the ability to build custom design document business workflows in with the new Connect Studio module, designed specifically for the Australian market.

Each workflow can be customised from the icon on the control-panel of Fuji Xerox multi-functional device through to capturing necessary metadata.

ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0 can also seamlessly integrate with enterprise business process solutions like Kofax, Intelledox and DocuShare.

Firmware Push provides the capacity to centralise management of device firmware updates. Device Cloning is another new feature that provides the ability to take settings and configuration from one device and apply it across an entire organisation.

Monitoring of devices displays current status, meter information through a web-browser for ease-of-use and alerts can be configured to automatically notify if an error occurs.

Administrators can easily register and manage who uses the device, how they use it and what it costs. User management is simple with integration to active directory for importing user and group information.

This screen capture of AWMS 2.0 MFD UI shows the account info and cost management features.

ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0 delivers extensive cost recovery and management to charge for copy, print, scan and fax by tracking the quantities physically output at the device and assigning the associated pricing policy.

It is built upon an industry standard reporting engine and comes with over 35 pre-defined one-click reports. Administrators can additionally create and schedule graphical reports by users, groups (department) and devices to show power, paper consumption and detailed analysis reports, to further optimise business workflows.

“Digital transformation is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to remain competitive and the first step requires data to become digital. With the ApeosWare Management Suite 2, Fuji Xerox is delivering new levels of ease in managing document workflows from various output devices centrally for small to medium business and large enterprises. Businesses can now have an all-in-one solution to manage their workflows efficiently and realise significant cost savings, productivity gains and business growth,” said Vivian Wang, Solutions Marketing Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia.

“The ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0 was developed using agile methodologies with teams spread across four geographies, including Australia,” said Wang.

“Fuji Xerox Australia’s heritage in this space meant that we had a solid understanding of the local market, customer pain points and trends – we married these elements into the product strategy to develop a solution which really speaks to our local customers’ needs and simplifies business processes.”

For more information, visit www.fujixerox.com.au or www.fxasustainability.com.au