Global law firm ditches SharePoint for iManage

Leading international law firm Clifford Chance has announced its move to replace SharePoint with iManage Work 10 for document, email management and collaboration for its 6,000 global users.

Paul Greenwood, Chief Information Officer at Clifford Chance, told Legal Insider, “The biggest reason for moving was being able to see email and documents in the same place. In SharePoint you need separate email filing. Our lawyers didn’t want that.

“There’s also a number of different ways of accessing iManage: through a traditional web browser; through Outlook or through a folder on your laptop.”

After an 18-month evaluation process, Clifford Chance says it chose iManage for its modern IT architecture, comprehensive security and an easy-to-use interface to enable the global law firm’s professionals to work more efficiently and better serve their clients.

Clifford Chance’s professionals played a major role in guiding the firm’s selection of iManage, with approximately 250 lawyers and legal professionals introduced to Work 10 during the evaluation process.

“For a system to be successful, our people need to be comfortable in working with it,” said Greenwood.

“We saw firsthand the potential impact the iManage user experience will have on our efficiency and consequently on the client experience. When it comes to working how legal professionals want to work, iManage was strongly favoured by the team.”