DocsCorp free apps during the COVID-19 crisis

To ensure businesses can continue to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown, DocsCorp is making compareDocs cloud and cleanDocs server available for 90 days to those working from home. These applications are designed for mobile and remote workers.

They can operate as standalone solutions for new users, or alongside desktop modules for existing users.

Many users of our software work in industries like legal, financial, and government, which need to maintain important services to their clients and local communities.

Using compareDocs cloud and cleanDocs server, remote teams can continue to:

  • Compare contracts and complex documents quickly on any device – including Mac, iPad, and tablet
  • Review and approve documents anywhere
  • Remove sensitive metadata from email attachments sent from any device

compareDocs cloud ensures staff can work efficiently and accurately during the disruption caused by COVID-19. Users will be able to compare two versions of a document on Office 365 for Windows, Mac, iPad, or in the browser.

For existing compareDocs desktop users, the cloud Add-in will ensure accurate comparison is accessible in Microsoft Word on any device – including Mac and iPad – while staff work remotely.

cleanDocs server protects email users from inadvertent data leaks by sanitizing email attachments of sensitive metadata. Emails sent from mobile devices or the browser can be automatically cleaned based on company policies, requiring no input from the user.

For current cleanDocs desktop users, cleanDocs server will operate in tandem to protect mobile users or those emailing from the browser. cleanDocs server ignores emails already cleaned on the desktop, focusing only on those sent from other channels.

Individual users can install the compareDocs cloud Add-in directly from Microsoft Word on Windows, Mac, iPad, and Word Online. Download the Quick Reference Guide to installing and deploying the Add-in here. If cloud comparison would benefit multiple departments or your whole organization, DocsCorp can issue you an enterprise trial license. Email to get set up.  If you would prefer compareDocs cloud to appear directly in your DMS context menus, contact us for more information on this.

Register your interest in cleanDocs server here