Ephesoft Transact Launches on Workato’s Enterprise Automation Platform

Workato, the Enterprise Automation Platform, has made Ephesoft Transact available as a ready-to-configure connector in the Workato app directory to help expedite process automation for businesses and government organizations around the world.

Ephesoft’s IDP platform transforms any document type into structured data, laying the critical data foundation for end-to-end process automation. The new integration with Workato allows data to seamlessly flow to hundreds of leading enterprise systems, such as SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Infor, Slack and Box, allowing for fast implementations and scale.

As companies are pursuing and heavily investing in hyperautomation strategies, it has become clear that successful outcomes are reliant on actionable data and interoperability. The new partnership addresses these needs and greatly accelerates digital transformation across the enterprise.    

“A data-driven approach must be in place for enterprises to scale and grow. Yet, many enterprises are trying to automate processes using unreliable and unstructured data. Or, they don’t have access to the data at all. Together, Ephesoft’s IDP platform and Workato’s Enterprise Automation Platform will alleviate that issue and help customers perform and compete at a higher level,” said Ike Kavas, Founder and CEO at Ephesoft.

“Our IDP platform automates document-centric processes and delivers accurate data to any application, which will be fast and easy using Workato’s platform. Our goal at Ephesoft is to help our customers and partners to simplify and accelerate their automation efforts, which is what this partnership is all about.”

Launching Ephesoft Transact in the Workato app directory will offer customers a leading IDP solution serving many use cases, such as accounts payable, loans, claims, records, contracts and more. Transact eliminates manual data entry to drive efficiency, data accuracy and cost-savings.

Leading analysts estimate that organizations lose 20-30% of revenue per year due to inefficient processes, which presents tremendous opportunities and upside to automation projects.

"Workato prides itself on continuing to cultivate the largest Connector Library in Enterprise Automation and we're excited to make integrations and automations with Ephesoft available to our customers," said Markus Zirn, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Workato.

"Structured, actionable data is a prerequisite for successful digital transformation and now companies can quickly send extracted document data to other enterprise systems and workflows using Workato and Ephesoft."

With Workato’s low/no-code platform and the pre-built packaged integration connector, citizen developers and Ephesoft partners can implement and leverage the technology within days, saving costs, resources and resulting in faster time-to-value. In addition, it reduces dependencies on RPA bots which lowers complexity and eliminates bot errors while minimizing system maintenance costs.

Eataly, a joint customer and popular market, restaurant and grocery chain around the world has already seen impressive results with Ephesoft and Workato. Eataly is using both solutions to process facilities and maintenance expenses, streamlining and centralizing the workflow from the moment an invoice arrives to approval within their ERP.

“It’s great – the process is fully automated,” said Derek Yung,  Director, Accounting and Accounts Payable at Eataly. “We were able to take the burden off each store’s general manager by eliminating time-consuming tasks. We’re now able to process invoices about 90% faster than before and seamlessly send the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

To find Ephesoft on the Workato app directory, click here. To learn more about Ephesoft’s IDP platform and solutions, visit ephesoft.com.