ediscovery & Forensics

Sherpa Software, a provider of e-discovery and information management solutions, has announced the release of Report Attender, a new product that aims to helps organisations make litigation-relevant decisions faster.

Nuix has announced two additions to the Nuix Investigator suite of products to allow corporate, law enforcement and regulatory investigators to search and analyze data across multiple devices and forensic images.

The recovery of evidence hed in popular cloud storage services Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Skydrive, and Flickr is now able to be performed by Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) software.

ElcomSoft has updated its  Phone Password Breaker tool with the ability to retrieve user content from password-protected backups created by Apple iOS devices and BlackBerry smartphones, as well as the ability to retrieve iPhones’ user data from iCloud.

AccessData Group has announced  a free version of its Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+), dubbed MPE+ Investigator, aimed at users looking to evaluate the software as well as lawyers, case investigators and others who may not have advanced forensics expertise.

Are you drowning in paper?  An Australian company, QCAT, believes the software it has developed for objective coding can help organisations that need to analyse and manage large archives of hard copy.

Guidance Software has announced EnCase Forensic version 7.03, the latest version of its computer investigation software, that now includes a stand-alone evidence processor that increases forensic processing capacity because it doesn’t tie up an EnCase Forensic license.

Nuix has extended its relationship with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in a three-year multi-million-dollar agreement to supply ediscovery and electronic investigation software. This contract will expand the Australian corporate regulator’s ability to investigate the largest and most complex data sets.

An ediscovery application has been launched for Google Apps known as Vault aimed at reducing the costs of litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance actions.

An enterprise document scanning solution for the legal industry has been launched by US firm DocSolid, called KwikTag Legal, including features such as PDF/A conversion, colour document input, and advanced scalability.

KwikTag integrates with with Autonomy iManage, Open Text eDocs, Worldox, Aderant, Elite and other document management systems.