ediscovery & Forensics

On a visit to Australia earlier this year, Recommind CEO Bob Tennant sat down with Image & Data Manager to discuss the evoluton of the company's CORE platform beyond the ediscovery market.


Nuix has  launched eDiscovery 5, which expands the usability of the Nuix Engine with web capabilities and automation designed to simplify ediscovery workflows. 

Inovitech has announced the launch of ISOTASK 2.0, an eDiscovery project management application designed for corporations, law firms, and service providers where there is a heavy exchange of litigation activity. 

FTI Technology says new version of its Ringtail e-discovery software has been designed with an intuitive and visual predictive coding feature that allows a classifier to code large document sets quickly and defensibly. 

ZyLAB  has incorporated true native visual search and categorisation in its eDiscovery and Information Management solution to enable the speedy and accurate identification of non-textual information. The inclusion of Visual Classification together with ZyLAB’s Audio Search, completes ZyLAB’s multi-media search capabilities.

A breakthrough from US Forensic Imaging company CyanLine has allowed investigators to reveal the true number of times a hard disk has been in active use and when it was first activated.

Elcomsoft has updated its iOS Forensic Toolkit, enabling physical acquisition of certain iOS 5 and iOS 6 devices including iPhone 4s and 5, iPad 2 through 4, iPod Touch 4-5.

Hot Neuron's Clustify is software that is used in litigation to make the document review phase of e-discovery more efficient and consistent. The latest update to Clustify, version 3.2, adds interactive graphical visualisation of keyword and cluster relationships.

AccessData has announced the release of Forensic Toolkit (FTK) 5 which includes data visualisation and explicit image detection (EID) out of the box.

This month NuLegal celebrated the commencement of its 10th electronic courtroom project (“eTrial”) in the Australian Courts with a solution powered by EDT.