ediscovery & Forensics

Guidance Software has launched its Tableau TD3 Forensic Imager, a modular, touch screen-driven forensic duplicator.


Does predictive coding mean the end of the lawyer’s role in ediscovery?  Freehills’ Andrew Caspersonn wonders whether it really means we can make do with smart machines.

A massive growth in data volumes that must be navigated in ediscovery has led to the rise of a technique known as predictive coding. Maureen Duffy of law firm Freehills tracks examines why 2012 has been been such a pivotal year for the new technology. 

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research,  the global e-discovery market was worth $US3.6 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $US9.9 billion in 2017. In the overall global market, the US is expected to maintain its lead position in terms of revenue with 73% of global e-discovery market share in 2017.

Fujitsu has been appointed by Freehills to provide Hosted Services in its Australian data centres for the firm's e-discovery applications.

A new commercial law firm, e.law Legal Services, has been established in Australia to offer intelligent technology backed legal services, initially targeting the subjective review phase of e.discovery.

Broadening access to ediscovery workflow via Web-based remote access and role-based security for external reviewers is one of the new features of version 4 of Nuix’ ediscovery and forensic investigation software.

Daegis has added the capability to combine Lotus Notes data with other data sources related to current and future litigations using its eDiscovery Platform.

Integrated visual analytics within the latest version of  Ringtail e-discovery software can deliver faster and more accurate legal reviews, according to FTI Technology.

A judge has ruled that BP is not permitted access to 21 confidential US government documents.