Knowledge Management

Over the last few years I’ve been involved in several Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) implementations. I’ve also been involved in a number of Information Technology (IT) implementations which, to all intents and purposes, were about the management of information.

Kodak Alaris has announced the creation of AI Foundry, a business dedicated to helping organizations process and learn from structured and unstructured data through the use of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Software startup Enlitic says a new alliance with Australian radiology provider Capitol Health will allow its machine learning technology to transform medical diagnostics.

The Happy Accident, which is often cited as a principal ROI of enterprise social networks, refers to the chance discovery of the right person or the right piece of enterprise knowledge to solve a business or process challenge. For instance,  Bruce in Melbourne, dealing with a corporate crisis,  fires off an anxious  Yammer/Jive/Tibbr post at 6.00pm in the evening Sydney time, before heading off to a nervous sleep. Meanwhile, as Bruce slumbers fitfully, at 3.00am the following morning Colleen logs in from Dublin and comes across the post and immediately fires back with the critical data. Bruce did not know Colleen was the one to turn to, nor even how to find here, it was all a Happy Accident. Enterprise Social wins again!

In the information technology industry today, information is our primary asset. Information is what we provide to the business. Information is also pivotal for the success of the IT organization in providing valuable services to the business.

QSR International has updated its NVivo suite of qualitative data analysis software which it says will allow users to capture, manage and analyse huge volumes of accessible unstructured data more effectively than ever before.

Enterprise knowledge management software provider Knosys has raised $A4 million with a successful listing on the Australian Stock Exchange 

The NSW Government has announced plans to establish a whole-of-government data analytics centre.  Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello said it would be the first of its kind in Australia.

KM is a simple idea. So why does this simple idea turn out to be so hard to do?