Knowledge Management

You’re not alone – the majority of people use email for communications of course (it’s the de facto standard), but also as a collaboration tool. Microsoft Outlook is now also the accidental storage system – a vast amount of an organisation’s knowledge resides in individual users’ inboxes.

Beezy Inc., a developer of enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365, has announced the availability of new capabilities through integration with Microsoft's Office Graph.

The days of an employee photocopying the client list or saving it onto a USB may be dwindling.  Employees are now "connected" to your customers and key contacts on social media.  Such connections occur as a matter of ordinary course with the approval of the business.  LinkedIn and other social media platforms provide a de-facto client list at an employee’s ready disposal.

Annotation and redaction capabilities are advanced features of document/image viewers. A group of users who share documents among themselves can collaborate via annotations on the contents of the documents. Redactions provide content level securities that enable the protection of sensitive information in portions of a document from users who have access to the entire document.

Hmmm … how long has that carton of milk been in the fridge?  Take it out and give it a sniff, then check the expiration date.  Whew, still good for tomorrow’s coffee. Unfortunately, knowing if your digital records will still be usable in the future isn’t quite so easy.

BA Insight has launched a new packaged software product that that provides insight into how users are interacting with SharePoint to help improve the user experience. Smart Analytics for SharePoint automatically collects data about the operation and usage of SharePoint sites, content, and search, whether on-premise or online, and distills it into a dashboard and an extensive set of pre-built reports.

Consulting firm KPMG has announced plans to apply IBM’s Watson cognitive computing technology to its professional services offerings. The agreement, including a focus on auditing services, builds on several recent KPMG initiatives demonstrating the promise of cognitive technologies.

Access Innovations, Inc. and dataCloud, LLC have teamed up to create Topic Seeker, a semantics-based solution for big data. Topic Seeker analyses text-based content and organizes it by topic, allowing publishers and other organizations to see changing trends in their respective fields, develop conference tracks based on current topic relevance, and many other applications.

PDF standards enable users to embed or include non-visible metadata within PDFs as attribute name and attribute value pairs. This feature can be used to embed referential metadata normally stored and used external to the files to help find or otherwise work with them. Here are some reasons why embedding metadata values can be a good idea:

For many industries data is not seen as a principle part of its operations, even in industries or companies where data is regarded as required; it is often subservient to the elements of its main business and therefore even those organisations/teams with departments such as ‘Information Management’; data is forgotten about, or disregarded, by many people as they focus on what they see as the important matter at hand.