Knowledge Management

Alfresco Software is adding extensive data modelling features to its flagship Alfresco Activiti 1.5 BPM platform, promising one-click access to any connected database, and the ability to process, or “model,” that data for use in new corporate applications.

Researchers could soon enlist help from digital assistants to review vast swathes of literature, according to a new report on artificial intelligence. In tests run by academics at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow, simulated search agents went head-to-head with humans in a computer search challenge – and won.

The number of intellectual property (IP) cyber theft incidents in the next 12 months is expected to increase, according to 58 percent of respondents to a recent Deloitte poll. When asked which category of potential adversary they believe is most likely to attempt theft of their organisations' IP, the prevailing percentage of respondents (20.1 percent) answered "employees or other insiders." Yet, only 16.7 percent of respondents said access to IP is very limited, on a need-to-know basis only.

The Institute for Information Management (IIM) National Conference 2016 held in Canberra in September provided a practical platform for the fusion of information management and information science domains. A range of thought-provoking keynotes, presentations, case studies and workshops examined different aspects of the information management discipline.

Can information and process governance be improved without the traditional pain and angst of implementing or replacing an EDRMS? Objective Corporation believes it can, with a new set of offerings for users of Office 365, known as INFORM and PERFORM.

Lucidworks is tapping into the IBM Watson Developer Cloud platform for its Fusion platform, an application framework that helps developers to create enterprise discovery applications so companies can understand their data and take action on insights.

German developer Theum AG has launched Theum 2.0, the next major release of its knowledge management software that aims to deliver “answers” instead of documents.

When organisations want to buy an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS), they often believe it will solve their records management problems. They find they have lots of paper. They have lots of electronic documents. They have shared drives that are full and disorganised.

Nintex has announced the upcoming release of Nintex Hawkeye, a new cloud-based workflow analytics service. For the thousands of global companies that have collectively deployed more than a million Nintex workflows, they can now capture, monitor, measure, and assess workflow analytics that provide actionable intelligence to understand and improve their business processes.

Internal, business systems and structured data is of more value than unstructured data from IoT, social networks and external sources, according to a survey of business intelligence data analysts.