Knowledge Management

Knosys has launched a new cloud service called KIQ Cloud that aims to bring knowledge management to a broader market.

KnowledgeLake, a global vendor of ECM solutions for SharePoint, has announced the acquisition of RatchetSoft, a U.S.-based robotic process automation (RPA) technology provider. The RPA product will be offered alongside document capture, and workflow in a single cloud platform.

Available through the Microsoft AppSource marketplace, EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud promises to deliver the ability for all Office 365 users to gain one-click access to knowledge on-demand.

It’s common to find articles with titles like ‘17 Steps to A Successful Knowledge Management Initiative’ or ‘The Fundamentals of Knowledge Management Success’. While the success of storing and sharing knowledge is specific to your context, I’m suggesting that the following are things common to knowledge management failures.

An Enterprise Security Console launched by data security specialist Covata promises to provide C-level executives, information owners, and IT administrators with a single pane of glass to discover and understand where sensitive data is stored and whether it is appropriately secured.

The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) is Victoria’s largest criminal legal practice. With 325 employees including 256 lawyers, the OPP prosecutes serious offences in Victoria’s County and Supreme Courts and conducts criminal appeals in the County Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia. OPP’s adoption of the Knosys KnowledgeIQ platform has led to a user-friendly interface for curated digital records. OPP solicitors are now relying on the most up-to-date and authoritative information which is available to them in an easy-to-consume format. 

ANZ has signed a three-year contract extension for the continued use of Knosys’ knowledge management platform. ANZ also has the option to extend the contract further via two one-year extensions. The potential value of the contract over the entire five-year life is expected to exceed $A6.5 million.

Fun fact: the average business today uses over 300 applications to run the enterprise. Employees shift between these apps every two to three minutes, and according to McKinsey, spend almost 50 percent of their time searching for information and managing communications. This is today’s digital workplace, and it is a beautiful and terrible thing. Technology gives us more options for communication and collaboration than ever before. But it comes at a cost unless companies prepare a clear technology blueprint that documents and visualises their entire digital workplace.

Independent law firm UMBRA – Strategic Legal Solutions has become the first Indonesian customer to adopt Luminance’s artificial intelligence platform.

In my career as a KM Consultant, I’ve often worked with organisations who have previously experienced failed KM initiatives and want to avoid repeating past mistakes. I’ve worked with an array of organisations spanning industries, size, and geography, yet the tales of Knowledge Management woe I encounter tend to be quite similar.