Document & Records Management

This is the view of Frank McKenna, who rebranded GMB this month to Knowledgeone Corporation because he believes that this name better defines the services it now offers.

The South Australian Housing Trust has chosen Objective Corporation to unite the silos of information it has on a wide variety of people so that knowledge can be made more easily accessible.

UNiTAB has implemented the Esker DeliveryWare Platform to help it automate document delivery so that invoices can be sent off automatically via fax to reduce manual processes.

A new online test has been created to find out whether board members are fit to govern by throwing at them 130 questions that cover the core competencies of financial literacy, corporate governance, risk management and internal controls.

Governments, enterprises and service providers are being targeted by Sun Microsystems, which has agreed to resell Interwoven's enterprise content management solution combined with its own products.

Colesmyer has incorporated a system that allows 300 of its printers to be analysed from one central PC to make sure each individual one has sufficient paper, ribbons and the correct configuration.

The South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission has chosen Objective Corporation to manage its mission critical system so that information can be made more accessible for emergency and administrative personnel.

Visy Industries, an Australian company that specialises in making containers for dairy farms and Coca-Cola, has embraced a paperless office system to help it process its invoices more efficiently than ever before.

It has been said that knowledge knows no boundaries. But as knowledge workers begin to access technologies like personal area networks, wireless broadband, Voice over IP and 3G, can we finally say the same about knowledge management and ma...

Telecom New Zealand has updated its document management system with 80-20's software to help it provide information more securely and quickly to its board and executive team.