Document & Records Management

Telecom New Zealand has updated its document management system with 80-20's software to help it provide information more securely and quickly to its board and executive team.

The need for forward planning during the five-year Census cycle meant that the 2001 Census was just beginning to explore the potential of the Web. For Census 2006, however, the ABS is finally modernising its approach. David Braue finds out...

How a Melbourne local authority turned to a cuddly Australian icon to simplify and accelerate the accessing of information across the organization.

Hummingbird and LogicaCMG have secured what is thought to be the largest EDRMS (electronic document and records management system) to have ever been up for grabs in Australia.

Canon Australia has introduced a new platform for its range of imaging products that dramatically increases the options for the management and security of documents across the enterprise.

The worldwide storage management software revenue increased 12.3 percent in 2004, an increase which was largely driven by strong sales in storage resource management.

Following the admission that it lost a customer's backup tapes, records management vendor Iron Mountain is advising its customers that current, commonly used disaster recovery processes do not address increased requirements for protecting ...

Microsoft has offered a glimpse of what users can expect from Longhorn to computer makers at the Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference 2005, to wet the appetite of those looking forward to getting their hands on the new system.

Desktop applications vendor Adobe Systems is set to acquire Macromedia in a US$3.4 billion all-stock transaction.

While the need exists for companies need to take a holistic approach to their International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) convergence projects, many lack an adequate understanding of the significant IT issues involved to be able to do so.