ediscovery & Forensics

We are in the era of cloud computing, where the terabyte (TB) is gradually replacing the gigabyte (GB) as the standard data storage unit. Cloud technology is bringing big data into every part of our lives - from entertainment to corporate infrastructure, from evidence collection to discovery production. Naturally, this increase in digital footprints is causing the difficulty and costs of the e-discovery process to expand.

Experts have been nagging information and records managers for years that preparing for electronic discovery in the ordinary course of business is critical. The links between the two disciplines has been underlined with the announcement that Open Text has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Recommind, a leading provider of ediscovery, and information analytics.

Startups are addictive. When you set a milestone and then meet it, it's like a rush of adrenaline. I'm on my third startup, a company focused on enterprise-class content indexing, and I still remember clearly the excitement I felt years ago when we first started receiving an influx of calls from law firms after announcing our ability to directly index backup tapes.

DocsCorp has launched compareDocs cloud, a new web-hosted version of its document comparison software. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, compareDocs through Office 365 enables users to compare Word to Word and Word to PDF documents on a PC desktop, Surface Pro or iPad, all via the cloud.

Nuix has released version 7 of its patented processing engine, which extends the company’s big data capabilities to petabyte scale by giving customers the option of using Elasticsearch as the back-end database for Nuix case files. In parallel, Nuix will continue to update and support its existing architecture.

Oxygen Forensics has released Forensic Detective 8.3, which expands data extraction features and adds new acquisition methods.

Ediscovery software provider X1 has launched X1 Distributed Discovery, claimed to provide a simple yet powerful and scalable platform for organisations to search and assess unstructured information across their organization within minutes.

Australian technology company Nuix has revealed its role in assisting the examination of leaked documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, currently causing embarrassment to British Prime Minister David Cameron and other global figures

Crossing the gulf from managing data to fine-grained information management is not just a challenge being faced by large organisations, the same journey is underway at many vendors of traditional backup and recovery solutions. Commvault has been undertaking the leap via its flagship Commvault Data Platform.

Nuix has launched three upgrades to its investigation product line, adding functionality for cybersecurity incident response and data visualisations that help investigators find key facts quickly without relying on keyword searches.