Email & Instant Messaging

OnePlaceMail for SharePoint Online, a new application from OnePlace Solutions available from the Microsoft Office Store, solves the problem of ensuring important corporate information can be easily stored and retrieved from SharePoint instead of being trapped inside personal inboxes.

iManage has released iManage Work 10, an update to its document and email management application adding powerful new features.

When it comes to electronic communications at work, email is the seasoned old-timer. Everyone uses it, and for decades it’s been the default method of communication at work. However, it’s far from perfect. If you’ve ever been spammed, dropped from a group thread, caught up in the dreaded, never-ending "reply all" loop, or struggled with dropped attachments, you know what I mean.

Employees who mindlessly scan to email may put organisations’ security at risk and fail to comply with privacy requirements according to Y Soft.

Any modern day Rip Van Winkle who fell asleep in 2015 and woke to the headline “Slack Intends to Adopt Watson Conversation for Slackbot” may be forgiven a feeling of bewilderment as they adjust to the enterprise messaging landscape of 2016. Remember when they nodded off it was all about Yammer and Jive.

Sonasoft has announced the release of SonaVault 5.0, a major upgrade to its email archiving and eDiscovery software. SonaVault 5.0 now features a performance boost that archives email and produces complex eDiscovery searches eight times faster than previous versions. 

Revelations that the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and cabinet ministers (including a specific Defence-related WhatsApp group) are using Facebook’s messaging system WhatsApp for confidential discussions have raised issues around cybersecurity. The use of WhatsApp by government officials also raises legal issues.

A recent survey of 4,006 employees in North America and Europe found that 49 percent of mid-market managing directors (MDs) and C-level executives (CxOs) have used a personal email account to send sensitive business information.

In today’s litigious society, preserving your company’s data is a must if you (and your legal team) want to avoid hefty fines for data spoliation. But what about when you move to the cloud? has announced that its Outlook add-on, Collage, is now available for free on the Microsoft Office Store. Collage is described as topic-driven interface to help users focus on what matters most, by leveraging the environment where they are most comfortable: email.