Email & Instant Messaging wants to end the Outlook-SharePoint struggle by treating email as full-fledged documents rather than having emails managed separately from other business documents. The company claims the common use of two repositories (Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint) for storing connected business information creates a massive organisational burden when workers need to find relevant information quickly, especially for audit, discovery or compliance needs. 

Colligo, a Canadian developer of email and records management solutions for SharePoint /Office 365, has opened a new Asia Pacific office in Melbourne, Australia. Frankie Pope, former systems and operations manager at Colligo, will take on the new responsibility of regional manager.

FBI investigators are launching a new case to see if emails sent and received by Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton had the correct classification markings following revelations that an insider may have stripped the most serious “secret” markings from her emails.

In this digital age, instant messaging has essentially become a way of life. From the good ole days of AOL Messenger to modern means of texting, Slack, What’s App, Yammer, Jive and Skype, the options and opportunities for instant messaging are endless.

Lexmark has announced the availability of Kofax View, claimed to be the first document viewing, editing and PDF creation application for Outlook and available for free in the Office Store. has enhanced its Collage app to provide access to topical email, together with all their business apps, documents, collaboration apps and enterprise social networks in the one place.

SharePoint solutions provider Colligo is to open a new office in Australia in response to the 49% growth in partner business in the region from 2013 to 2014.

Microsoft has dropped the Preview tag for the Microsoft Outlook app for Android phones and tablets, bringing equality with the iOS version.

Some interesting insights have emerged from a large-scale study of email usage undertaken by Yahoo which looked at the habits of more than 2 million users exchanging 16 billion emails over several months.

IBM announced on April 2 the availability of IBM Verse, a new cloud-based messaging service that incorporates built-in search and data analytics. IBM says Verse integrates email, calendars, file sharing, instant messaging and social.