Enterprise Applications

Eastman Software has mixed some of the benefits of sophisticated CRM in its update to its Enterprise Report Management (ERM) tool to help companies develop a successful e-business.

ICC has become a Microsoft Commerce Preferred Partner and will use Microsoft's architecture to build e-commerce systems and corporate portals.

Some industries are starting to set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) to use digital signatures to secure electronic documents.

Geac Computer is to invest $50 million over the next five years in extending its ERP software, Streamline.

ASPCON, in Macrh, will explore some of the emerging issues organisations are considering as the ASP model gains momentum.

Two one-day IM workshops in February/March are aiming to help users to develop strategies as the basis of e-commerce, online publishing, knowledge management and customer service.

The inaugural CRM Summit in February will explore the strategy of the customer-focussed organisation.

Call centre outsourcers must now have the same wage conditions as their clients, but at what cost?

Inorganic growth drove telecommunications provider RSL COM to seek a call centre solution, which it needed in a hurry.

SalesLogix has partnered with Peachtree Consulting Group, in a combined move to help speed return on investment for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) customers.