Enterprise Applications

The article on page 30 - "Privacy in an unregulated electronic world" - is the result of questions raised in a previous IDM article on digital signatures.

Workflow is being integrated with middleware to automate e-commerce transaction processing.

Enterprise application integration solves many interoperability problems, but one of the most important involves time.

Michael Bloomberg points to the need for streamlined order processing and fulfilment for Internet retailers.

Workflow is the 'missing link' in e-commerce; the 'critical element for ensuring the integrity of e-commerce processes'.

The Project Electronic Commerce and Communication for Healthcare, is helping the Australian healthcare industry to take action over Y2K.

The year 2000 Australian Information & Data Automation (AIDA) exhibition will be held in Sydney in April.

Microsoft is laying down the ground rules for intranet collaboration in the new millenium.

Short new product announcements

Interactive report building software VisualSQRIBE 5.0, from Sqribe Technologies, creates reports for Sqribe's SQR Enterprise Reporting Server.