Enterprise Applications

Details of several conferences/exhibitions relating to CRM, for call centres and the financial services industry.

Cross-pollinating consumer portals with corporate information management expertise is a natural fit.

With one eye on the Web, Devonport City Council has migrated its mapping applications to the client/server age.

MapInfo has entered into an alliance with Oracle to provide a "Spatial Internet Solution" for business intelligence users.

Six months after our first feature on knowledge management (KM), we find the concept is gathering steam.

A recent report by the Electronic Commerce Expert Group goes some way to determining what makes an electronic document acceptable as an "original".

A guide to the legal nature of email and other electronic documents

A Sydney firm which publishes legal source information, is to release its consolidated corporations law across the Internet.

Westpac has undertaken one of the largest installations of computer output to laser disc (COLD) technology to date in the Asia Pacific region.

Following the recent acquisition, Westpac and the Bank of Melbourne plan to integrate aspects of their reporting systems.