Enterprise Applications

Introduction to a feature on portals and the companies which are producing them.

Overview of portal suppliers and their products.

Portal is a buzzword, but that doesn't mean it should be dismissed out of hand.

The start of the hype about the enterprise information portal (EIP) concept has been credited to a report released on 16 November 1998 by two analysts from Merrill Lynch.

The corporate portal concept has antecedents in many fields, but it most resembles the Internet craze of several years ago for push technology.

Most organisations today are poorly positioned to take advantage of the recent proliferation of rich internal corporate information sources.

KM vendors are in agreement that the roadblocks on the path to knowledge have changed little in the last 12 months.

A lawyer discusses the legal and privacy implications of e-commerce.

The article on page 30 - "Privacy in an unregulated electronic world" - is the result of questions raised in a previous IDM article on digital signatures.

Workflow is being integrated with middleware to automate e-commerce transaction processing.