Enterprise Content Management

"I can hardly wait for the next access certification review!" said no one—ever. But you can help turn this around with a well-managed identity governance and administration (IGA) program.

For the University of Sydney, digital transformation has been underway since well before the topic achieved buzzword status. With the Legal and Compliance division leading the way, the University has achieved a wide variety of process transformations by expanding the reach and utilisation of its record-keeping system, TRIM/Content Manager.

This week, Micro Focus released a whitepaper in conjunction with IDC on the topic of digital transformation (DX).  IDC compiled information for this study from hundreds of interviews, and their annual survey of tens of thousands of IT and business decision makers, making them a top authority on digitally transforming the enterprise. 

A major international company with an office in Perth is facing a $30 million ransom demand from cyber criminals who have locked its computer system in Australia, forcing the company to stop trading.

After the news that 4 members of the Chinese armed forces were indicted by the US Department of Justice for the 2017 Equifax cyberattack, the company has announced details of a $US1 billion+ security and technology transformation project.

Cybersecurity teams continue to struggle with hiring and retention, and very little improvement has been achieved in these areas since last year, according to new global research from ISACA that identifies current workforce challenges and trends in the cybersecurity field.

The NSW auditor general has called for the Office of Local Government to develop a cyber security policy to ensure a consistent response across councils after finding 80% don’t have a cyber security framework.

EncompaaS – Enterprise Compliance as-a-Service – promises a new solution to the governance dilemma: How do you transform into an agile digital organisation while maintaining control across all your content, applications and services, whether on-premises or increasingly in the cloud. EncompaaS CEO Jesse Todd explains how.

An updated to the Adobe e Sign e-signature platform has enhanced integration with SharePoint and now offers the ability to create and embed reusable digital forms that can be filled and signed indefinitely, suitable for collecting information and agreements from a large number of people internally or externally.

It seems the business community, is crying out for systems leadership in a landscape which is getting more complex each day. A recent survey shows typical mid-size companies changed 39% of their SaaS apps within the last year. The role of the enterprise architect is under threat.