Enterprise Content Management

An international team of researchers have compiled what they claim is the first ever ‘World Cybercrime Index’, which identifies the globe’s key cybercrime hotspots by ranking the most significant sources of cybercrime at a national level.

Russian state-backed hackers have successfully infiltrated Microsoft’s corporate email system, gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information. The breach, discovered in late November and confirmed by U.S. officials, has far-reaching implications for both cybersecurity and international relations.

Kapish has signed a new Australian Federal Government customer for its Content Manager Cloud platform. Under a 6-year contract, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will migrate its on-premise OpenText Content Manager solution to the Kapish CM Cloud platform.

A new global survey has found that data quality remains the top challenge with AI. However, organisations with more mature information management (IM) strategies are 1.5x more likely to realise benefits from AI than those with less mature strategies.

Verato has announced the launch of Smart Steward, a generative AI-based assistant for healthcare data stewardship teams. The solution enables healthcare organizations to combine Verato’s patented approach to referential matching (the Verato Referential Matching technology) with new generative AI features leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, to drive operational efficiencies and help improve healthcare data integrity.

Microsoft has named Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integration partner as it launches a reimagined data governance experience in Microsoft Purview.

Mindee has announced the release of docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), an AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) tool designed to revolutionize the way SaaS products process documents. The company claims it is the first intelligent document processing (IDP) tool on the market to allow the processing of any document type, in any language, without the requirement of data model training.

Baffle has announced new capabilities that allow organizations to secure structured and unstructured data when moving to and across the cloud. As organizations increasingly adopt GenAI, more and more data is being moved across the cloud, resulting in organizations needing to ensure privacy and review security practices to ensure that all data complies with relevant privacy regulations across regions.

Concentric AI has announced a new employee offboarding risk monitoring and reporting module that delivers data detection and response capabilities to identify true risk to data and secure sensitive information when employees leave a company.

A new study of roughly 400 information management professionals based in Australia - Content Cognition to the Rescue in the Age of Information Hyperinflation - highlights how the increasing information overload in the nation’s largest enterprises could impact effective data privacy and security governance.