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Data quality was nominated as the main obstacle to uptake of Generative AI, according to a global survey undertaken for Informatica. The report, which canvassed 600 enterprise Chief Data Officers and other data decision makers across the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, found nearly all (99%) of generative AI adopters have encountered roadblocks

AI is expected to heighten the global ransomware threat, says the UK's national security and intelligence agency, GCHQ. It has issued a new report which suggests artificial intelligence will almost certainly increase the volume and impact of cyber attacks in the next two years.

At Cambridge Semantics, we have watched the explosion of AI awareness in the last year with interest. Nearly every tech leader considering our knowledge graph platform, Anzo, is also actively seeking to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their operations. This drive is fuelled by a growing emphasis on harnessing these technologies for enhanced insights and efficiency.

Structured data in relational databases revolutionized the management of transactional data. Today, large organizations have 100’s and sometimes 1,000’s of databases and associated applications, inevitably modified over time as business requirements evolved. To make sense of structured data, every organization also uses tools to create easily understandable business objects - a software representation that has a set of attributes and values, operations, and relationships to other business objects, and models business behaviour.

Despite new updates to privacy regulations across the globe, including Australia’s Privacy Act Review Report in 2023, only 39 percent of Oceania respondents say they find it easy to understand their organisation’s privacy obligations, according to ISACA’s Privacy in Practice 2024 survey report.

In the wake of multiple high profile data breaches over the last 12 months, the Australian Government is undertaking the most comprehensive overhaul of Australia’s privacy laws in decades. de.iterate, an innovator in data privacy and cyber security is partnering with in-house legal, workplace and compliance services firm Source to help Australian businesses streamline their Privacy Act compliance, and improve their cyber security.

Box, Inc. has acquired Crooze, a provider of no-code enterprise content management applications built on the Box Platform.

Ontotext’s GraphDB graph database is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Azure clients can easily link diverse data, index it for semantic search, enrich it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs.

In January the Australian Government released identification details and imposed financial and travel sanctions on the cybercriminal involved in one of the highest profile cyber-attacks in Australia to date. Medibank’s ransomware attack in October 2022 was among a series of high-profile breaches on major organisations in Australia. With the amount of sensitive customer information involved, Medibank were under intense scrutiny as the crisis rolled out.

LawToolBox, a provider of legal tools for Microsoft 365, has entered a strategic relationship with iManage to create a seamless deadline, document and Microsoft 365 collaborative experience across LawToolBox, iManage, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.