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As the democratization of artificial intelligence continues, a new reality is dawning for brands. Data governance is not only a hot topic — it is a potentially lethal pitfall. Brands that want to survive and thrive in this new environment need to bring their data governance policies up to speed. And fast.

The major impact made by artificial intelligence (AI) this past year is still leaving people like me in awe. I finally feel where I’m in the position of thinking: “Well, here we are—the future is now.”

A roomsize computer equipped with a new type of circuitry, the Perceptron, was introduced to the world in 1958 in a brief news story buried deep in The New York Times. The story cited the U.S. Navy as saying that the Perceptron would lead to machines that “will be able to walk, talk, see, write, reproduce itself and be conscious of its existence.” More than six decades later, similar claims are being made about current artificial intelligence. So, what’s changed in the intervening years? In some ways, not much.

Informatica is launching Cloud Data Access Management (CDAM), a solution based on Informatica's 2023 acquisition of Privitar and its data access management products. Now integrated into the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), Informatica’s flagship data management platform, this AI-powered solution is a key component of data access governance, leveraging IDMC's common metadata foundation.

The Financial services sector is now the number one target for DDoS attacks, with a 154% increase in DDoS attacks between 2022 to 2023 according to a new report by global financial service cyber-intelligence sharing group FS-ISAC. In the APAC region, financial services ranked as the third-most attacked sector, representing 11% of DDoS attacks.

Microsoft is launching Copilot for Security on April 1, priced on a pay-as-you-go rather than per user basis. This solution will utilize advanced language models and machine learning to provide security monitoring, threat detection, and automated response features.

Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) ZircoDATA has been targeted in a ransomware attack by a criminal organisation which has published details of 395GB of data that has been allegedly compromised, including Australian ImmiCard numbers.

The emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI marks a significant leap in technology, promising to deliver transformational automation and innovation across diverse industries and use cases. Having said that, as everyone races to develop next generation AI applications, they are just as quickly coming up against new challenges and hurdles.

ISACA has launched a framework to help organisations achieve digital trustworthiness, and reap the significant benefits that come with high levels of trust. The new Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework (DTEF) has been four years in development and incorporates input from experts across the globe.

Ontotext has launched a new version of the Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS). It now enables you to tag your content with CEEL – a- text analytics service performing Common English Entity Linking.