Enterprise Content Management

SafeGuard Cyber has integrated its security and compliance solutions for social, mobile, and collaboration platforms with Micro Focus’ Content Manager. The new connector is included with the release of Micro Focus Content Manager, version 9.4.1.

Elastic N.V., creators of Elasticsearch, has announced the release of Elastic Stack 7.6.0, the latest version of the all-in-one datastore, search engine, and analytics platform. This release streamlines automated threat detection and brings performance improvements to Elasticsearch, which was launched as a beta in May 2019 and is now known as Elastic Workplace Search.

I first wrote about the differences between backups and archives almost 20 years ago. At the time, organizations were struggling to get to grips with the requirements to retain electronic records and the new-fangled world of e-discovery. So why are we still talking about this? And, more importantly, what’s changed? One word – cloud! And the right to be forgotten – more about that later.

Micro Focus has announced the release of Voltage SmartCipher, a new offering that integrates with Control Point and Content Manager to provide secure collaboration and simplify unstructured data protection and management.

Are you looking for a way to streamline your business functions through business process automation? Kapish AutoMate can automate tasks, reducing errors and increasing efficiencies.

Your organisation has likely gotten caught up in the world-wide trend of migrating to Office365 and SharePoint on-line.  In doing that you have probably had conversations with various IT staff where you’ve heard words and phrases like: “Teams, Dynamic Groups, Channels, AIP, Flow, LogicApps, PowerApps, evergreen” to the point where it sounds like English, but you have no idea what they’re talking about, let alone understanding the risks and advantages. 

It has become increasingly common for documents to be signed electronically. This can be a very convenient way of signing and storing documents. However, there are more and more cases where electronic signatures are being challenged, and documents being considered unenforceable as a result.

Digital transformation of an organisation is a complex undertaking that involves a change in culture that is more profound than both the technical and process changes combined.

Qnext Corporation has extended its FileFlex cloud platform to support remote access, sharing and collaboration of both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint files and document libraries.

How can your organisation demonstrate that it has taken the appropriate steps to ensure data management is under control and customer data and third-party information is secure?