Enterprise Content Management

Concentric AI, a vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management (DSPM), has announced archetype functionality for granularity and precision of data discovery and protection. Archetype in the context of data discovery, classification and risk remediation is a specific type of data or file that contains sensitive or confidential information, such as a contract in the legal industry, a tax form in finance services, or a workers’ compensation claim in the insurance field.

Data culture is the collective behaviours and beliefs of people who value, practice and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, data is woven into the operations, mindset and identity of an organisation. A data culture equips everyone in an organisation with the insights they need to be truly data-driven.

Reveille Software (Reveille) has announced new Solution Packs designed for Business IT and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) requiring broader ECM information from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Many of the high-profile data breaches and attacks of the last 18 months have been caused by third parties. Despite capturing the attention of the nation, more attacks continue to make headlines. This includes the recent MOVEit hack, which involved a seemingly simple file transfer application impacting the data of over 200 companies around the world.

​IBM Security has released its annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, showing the global average cost of a data breach reached $US4.45 million in 2023 – an all-time high for the report and a 15% increase over the last 3 years. Detection and escalation costs jumped 42% over this same time frame, representing the highest portion of breach costs, and indicating a shift towards more complex breach investigations.

Cloud security specialist Zscaler, Inc. has released a set of advanced security solutions designed for IT and security teams to leverage the full potential of generative AI while preserving the safety of enterprises’ intellectual property and their customers’ data.

dtSearch is releasing version 2203.01 and beta version 2023.02 of its enterprise and developer product line for instantly searching terabytes of online and offline data.

Financial institutions across Australia are finally waking up to the reality that cyber security threats and attacks are constantly evolving, and the bad actors behind them are relentless. Not only this, but they are becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced in terms of what they will use to launch a cyber attack. 

It strikes me as paradoxical that businesses feel very secure in using artificial intelligence to let people know, for example, when it is safe to make a lane change at 100 kilometres per hour, yet they are reticent to use the same technology to classify and manage information through its lifecycle. Artificial Intelligence is used almost every minute of every day, in nearly every smart device we own. 

Air Marshal Darren Goldie - Australia's new National Cyber Security Coordinator, has confirmed multiple government departments and agencies have been affected by the attack on HWL Ebsworth in May.