Elvis Presley and Osama Bin laden are two unlikely figures behind the success of the Australian operations of New Holland Publishing, a specialist non-fiction publisher that has been operating in this country for over 16 years.

Could you be hoodwinked by a fake email? We may comfort ourselves that we would be better than Malcolm Turnbull at spotting a bogus message, but David McGrath warns of the perils that await the unwary.


 The much-anticipated release of SharePoint 2010 is due on May 12, but what will this really mean for the information management profession? Anthony Woodward examines what has been revealed with the beta preview.

A new report from security specialist Imperva warns that hackers have become industrialised and represent an exponentially increased threat to individuals, organisations and Government.

Objective has signalled it is on the lookout for more acquisitions to expand its footprint in the content, collaboration and process management marketplace, after digesting the UK's Limehouse Software in 2009.

Changing the way data is gathered, processed and presented is more likely to guarantee better information and improved business performance than large investments in IT, a KPMG report has found.

The Australian Competition and Consumer has blamed Internet scams for defrauding Australians of almost $70 million in 2009.

Recall has announced the launch of a new secure data destruction service for digital media, Ensurepacs.

Electronic Shipping Solutions has announced the launch of its electronic shipping document service, CargoDocs, with BP Oil UK and Morgan Stanley among the first customers to create and transact an electronic Bill of Lading.

A global survey of enterprise security by Symantec found that 75% of organisations have have suffered data breaches within the past 12 months and losses are averaging $US2 million annually. The figure was even higher in Australia/New Zealand, where 89 percent of those surveyed experienced attacks on their IT infrastructure in the past 12 months.