Enterprise Applications

FileNET is emphasising the ability of its Panagon Web services product to manage large-scale Web sites as the cornerstone of its strategy.

Staffware will launch eProcess, its new electronic commerce-driven workflow application, at its user conference in April.

The Queensland Department of Corrective Services is using intranet technology and developing an Information Management Strategic Plan to help it keep a firmer grip on the state's jail inmates.

The stocks of many of the former heavyweights of the information management industry have come back with a vengeance.

Database specialists Informix and Ardent have agreed to merge.

Online retailers have some way to go towards smoothing their back-order fulfilment processes.

The dawn of the century means fresh ideas and new directions.

With the bug beaten, organisations are now developing strategies for an online future that will deliver concrete returns.

In the wake of Y2K, in what form will ERP endure, and how will it interact with other technologies?

A report on the future of CRM was released last year by research firm Ovum.