Email & Instant Messaging

Smarsh has announced capture and archiving support for WhatsApp and WeChat, two prominent secure messaging applications that are undergoing rapid enterprise adoption.

South Australia Health has deployed Microsoft Teams to over 40,000 personnel in one week to provide a collaboration capability as it responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

To ensure businesses can continue to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown, DocsCorp is making compareDocs cloud and cleanDocs server available for 90 days to those working from home. These applications are designed for mobile and remote workers.

Despite the plethora of alternatives, nothing has yet completely replaced email for business communications, especially for businesses communicating with other businesses. Important documents including contracts, requests for proposal and plans are all usually sent as email attachments. Email provides a relatively fast, secure, and efficient way of communicating, especially compared with the days when businesses had to courier these documents to each other or send them via fax without knowing for certain who was at the other end.  

Docscorp has announced a new integration with secure communications provider RPost that simplifies and automates email security, e-delivery proof, e-signatures, and privacy compliance. 

Archives around the world are filled with handwritten letters and typed memos.  But what about correspondence of a later vintage? How should governments, universities, business, and archives ensure the future generations can access and render email?

Trustifi, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) email security company, has incorporated a new AI-enabled feature into its email encryption and DLP (data loss prevention) solution that also works via Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). This integrated OCR tool scans email attachments such as images and PDF files.

A new Teams offering from workplace software SocialChorus promises a “Publish once” platform for Office365 that delivers content to any employee endpoint – Outlook, SharePoint or Teams – as well as to digital signage or any other digital workspace.

SafeGuard Cyber has integrated its security and compliance solutions for social, mobile, and collaboration platforms with Micro Focus’ Content Manager. The new connector is included with the release of Micro Focus Content Manager, version 9.4.1.

Seattle-based law firm Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson has purchased cleanDocs for server-based metadata cleaning. cleanDocs server will enable the firm to minimize the risk of an email data breach by covering all email exit points, including those sent from mobile devices.